Since 1990, the Cambridge Project for the Book Trust has organized or hosted a range of conferences and seminar series. Several have led to the publication of edited volumes of papers, including The Practice and Representation of Reading; Free Print: Non-Commercial Publishing in Comparative Perspective,  Lost Libraries: The Destruction of Great Book Collections since Antiquity; and Books Between Europe and the Americas.

For information on previous conferences and published volumes, please see the links below:

Understanding Mediation: Knowing about Communication in Enlightenment Europe (2013 and 2015)

Connected by Books (2004 and 2007)

Literary London (2002)

Publishing the Law (2001)

Lost Libraries (2000)

The Pratt Symposium (2000)

The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (1997)

Print for Free: Non-Commercial Publishing in Comparative Perspective (1996)

Designing the Reading Space (1994)

The Practice and Representation of Reading (1991/1992)

In addition to conferences, the Trust has hosted annual December dinners. Past speakers have included Jean Alexander, Nicolas Barker, Germaine Greer and Christopher de Hamel.